Facebook At Work

Facebook At Work, or should that be fb@work. Either way, the fact is Facebook is coming to a workplace near you. They are entering the workplace networking arena. Initial thoughts – please don’t.

Now, don’t confuse this with LinkedIn (yet). It is not for your wider social network (like, err, Facebook), it is not for your wider business / professional network (like LinkedIn), but it is geared towards being the work appropriate social media networking tool within your own business. This is not a novel concept, there are products like Microsoft’s Yammer, which are currently competing in the ‘enterprise social networking’ arena. Google made its effort in this space with Google Wave, although the project met with little success. So, yes, they exist and people are using ‘other’ tools to communicate. Nothing new. I just feel that Facebook has its place in our lives already. However saying that I guess you need to diversify to stay alive.

fb@work is still in development, and the interface is designed to replace internal email and will offer employees a familiar way to communicate and – supposedly – collaborate effectively (more effective than face to face or over a phone?). fb@work will be similar to Facebook’s social networking platform (which we all love, right?), this is supposedly a good selling point as we will likely need little training to use it. fb@work will operate differently than Facebook though in that it won’t retain any user data (really? hmm?) and will not sell advertising space (woohoo!). Importantly, your business will own it all completely. There will be no link to your existing Facebook account (that is if you even have one).

So we already have email, text, WhatApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook, FaceTime, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Yammer etc etc to communicate with each other – there are literally hundreds of programs out there. Maybe I am a little old fashion. If you want to chat with someone at work, get up and talk to them, or simply call them. I bet you will get your issue resolved or acted upon a lot faster.

Thanks for reading.


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