The Internet of Things

So we are finally catching up with the masses at home regarding access to the Internet. We now have unlimited download capability (to put it perspective, we had a 5G limit before), and yesterday, got Apple TV (when my kids saw the small box, they were intrigued as to how they were going to be watching TV on it? So was I).

So as we plugged in Apple TV, tested out our MacBooks, iPad, iPhones (not sure why you want to see your iPhone screen on a TV?) and then debated the ethics behind actually paying for movies and the like, it reminded me of an article I recently read from The Guardian called ‘What will happen when the internet of things becomes artificially intelligent?’

The article centers mainly around Artificial Intelligence (or AI) – think HAL, Jude Law, Joaquín Phoenix’s Her and – soon, I can’t wait – Chappie. However, what interested me was the concept of the Internet of Things or in Games of Thrones speak, IoT.

IoT falls into the current AI Revolution, which also includes, AI, smart robotics, and of course Big Data. As you can imagine the Internet has a fair bit of commentary on what it is, where it came from, the good and bad stuff. However, the Guardian’s description gives you a good idea of what it is:

The Internet of Things can be broadly described as the emergence of countless objects, animals and even people with uniquely identifiable, embedded devices that are wirelessly connected to the internet. These ‘nodes’ can send or receive information without the need for human intervention. There are estimates that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020. Current examples of these smart devices include Nest thermostats, wifi-enabled washing machines and the increasingly connected cars with their built-in sensors that can avoid accidents and even park for you. 

It is important to realize that it is already here, and although it is considered as an emerging trend, it is not a future prospect. It is certainly an exciting area of innovation, one everyone and all businesses should consider and explore.

We certainly are becoming so much more connected, technology networked and dependent (addicted, I reckon) but are we losing sight of the emotional connection that is all so important?

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