Confessions of a coworker

Hello, my name is Kai. I am an addict of coworking. I am a coworker, have been for nearly three months, and I love to cowork (not yet a recognised verb, but I’m sure it will soon be).

Put simply, coworking is a style of work that involves a shared working environment with different business and individuals. The work environment can be static, agile, private, curated. The basic principles of coworking can be traced back hundreds of years to artist and writer collectives and other communities of practice. Think atelier for professionals.

I work at Work Club in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. If you are looking for a base in Sydney, I thoroughly recommend visiting Work Club. If you are in other cities around the world and this concept of workspace resonates, search for one on Google. There are many many spaces, in most cities, that support the principles of coworking.

Why do I love coworking? I enjoy the freedom that the space brings. In particular, Work Club is professional environment (with great work settings and a serene view out to Hyde Park) that lends you the opportunity to focus, collaborate and connect with likeminded individuals from a diverse and passionate community.

Another great aspect of Work Club is that it hosts one content event for members every month. As a recent example, last Friday, we had the pleasure of the amazingly interesting Mark Zawacki from 650Labs in Silicon Valley chatting to us about real disruption and innovation.

Continuing the theme of community and knowledge sharing, Work Club has recently announced their formal affiliation with TEDx. TEDx will provide speakers around Work Club’s two main content pillars, “innovation through collaboration” and/or “disruption”. I can not wait.

This evolution of coworking—from a desk and a chair, to a collaborative workspace, to a curated community—will only continue as companies and professionals grapple with the changes in how, when and where we work.

Thanks for reading.


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