Kinetic football pitch, what?

For those that know me well, and I guess now for those that don’t, I am a huge football (soccer, I don’t like this word) fan and an even bigger Liverpool supporter.

Anyhow, when a good friend of mine (thanks Andy Robb) mentioned this project to me the other day, I thought it was worth publishing and sharing.

It may seem a strange partnership, but Brazilian football legend Pelé and Shell teamed up in 2014 to launch the world’s first player-powered community football field, right in the heart of a Rio de Janeiro slum.

Built for the Morro da Mineira community, the innovative sports facility is part of Shell’s ‘Make The Future’ project, which supports ideas that “come from anywhere.”

The local pitch was refurbished by Shell using 200 high-tech, underground tiles that capture the players’ kinetic energy, which is then combined with solar energy to power the pitch’s lights and provide a safe and brightly lit community space.

I must admit, I am impressed. This should be done elsewhere, what a good idea.

Check out more on the project here.

Thanks for reading.


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